Sunday, June 19, 2016

Warren Heckrotte's Collection of Rare West Coast Maps

James Imray (1803-1870) 
West Cost of North America from San Blas to San Francisco
London: 1883

Featuring a new special exhibition to the Gallery parts of the collection of Warren Heckrotte. Visit the Gallery to view 14 of Heckrotte's coveted rare maps of the West Cost. This collection features exquisite maps of Gold Rush Era Oregon, California, Texas and Mexico.

San Francisco local Warren Heckrotte was a rare books and maps buyer who began building his collection in the 1960’s, “making his first purchase, of three “decorative” maps, in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1963” while working in Geneva as a physicist at the Lawrence Livermore Labratory where he served as representative of the Atomic Energy Commission. This first maps purchase sparked Mr. Heckrotte’s passion for maps and his desire to continue to grow his academic knowledge of antique maps. He began, as many map collectors do, with a study of R.V. Tooley’s Maps and Map-Makers. As his collection grew so did his knowledge and self academic understanding of maps, He edited and contributed to California 49: Forty-nine Maps of California from the 16th Century to the Present, published in San Francisco in 1999.
 B.F. Butler 
Map of the Gold Region California
San Francisco: 1851
A.D Bache (1806-1867)
Entrance to San Francisco Bay California
From: A trigonometrical Survey
Washington: U.S. Coastal Survey: 1859

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