Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Currier and Ives :: 19th Century Americana

The publishing firm of Currier & Ives created the most popular and highly regarded lithographs of quintessentially American scenes ever produced. The quality, vast scope and engagingly populist style of their works have made their names synonymous with an idealistic vision of 19th-century American promise and optimism.

Nathaniel Currier began his lithographic career as an apprentice in 1828. By the mid-1830’s he had established his own firm on Spruce Street in New York City. In 1857 James Ives became a partner in the flourishing business, which went on to produce over 7,000 lithographs by 1907.

Currier & Ives was undoubtedly the most prolific firm of lithographers in America, its output greater than that of all the other firms combined. The remarkable scope of this production was matched by the company’s ability to anticipate popular themes and subject matter. Among their many works are lithographs depicting sporting, railroad and rural scenes, marine, and western views, as well as foreign and domestic city views, historical tableaux, and a wide range of sentimental, morally instructive and advertising images. Arader Galleries presently has available a remarkable number of the most spectacular lithographs produced by this renowned firm. Please visit our San Francisco gallery location to see our fine selection of these prints, or call us at 415.788.5115 to receive our Currier & Ives catalog.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

man's best friend

We are pleased to present our latest catalog highlighting our extraordinary collection of 19th century engravings, lithographs, photographs and paintings illustrating man’s best friend. The dog has long been man’s choice as a companion, guardian, assistant in hunting and friend.

Most of the dogs featured in this catalog belong to the sporting group, and were bred and trained primarily to assist with hunting game. Breeding for appearance was only introduced in the 19th century. Prior, dogs had been bred based on traits helpful for their intended duties. We hope you enjoy this fine selection of British, French and American illustrations of various breeds of dogs!

Please contact Arader Galleries' San Francisco location at 415.788.5115 with any questions or requests to receive this catalog. Also, please be sure to revisit our web site,, which contains updated images of other available inventory from our gallery.