Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exquisite Botanical Watercolors by Le Moyne

Jean Jacques Le Moyne is known as the most prominent Huguenot artist in history. Emerging as a court artist in France under Charles IX, Le Moyne was appointed artist and cartographer for the 1562 Huguenot expedition to the New World led by Jean Ribault. While exploring present day Florida and South Carolina with the French Protestant settlers, Le Moyne collected specimens of various flora and fauna which he observed and studied and later turned into beautiful paintings.

His watercolors on vellum were most likely produced from 1568-1572, when he returned from the New World expedition and worked in France before immigrating to England . Though his landscape paintings of the New World were quite popular, his botanicals are considered to be his finest achievement as he was well known in both England and France for his remarkable illustrations. These exquisite watercolors can be seen in our extraordinary paintings annex gallery in San Francisco.

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