Monday, August 20, 2007

Views and Maps of San Francisco and Northern California

We are pleased to share with you our latest catalogue celebrating the rich history of Northern California and the artists who illustrated its transformation. Of particular note are two paintings by Albert Bierstadt, who captured the untamed expanses of the American landscape, elevating native landscape painting to the height of popularity during the late 19th century. His work, among others in this collection, helped to contribute to the idea of the mythic West and the sense of adventure and discovery it represented.

This catalogue also features many important views and maps of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The gold rush of 1848 propelled San Francisco, and the surrounding cities, into a period of unparalleled growth and prosperity. The banking and railroad industries capitalized on this era of immeasurable success, contributing to the construction of impressive buildings and avenues. Publishers such as Currier and Ives recorded this sense of optimism in such illustrations as The City of San Francisco and California Scenery, which highlight important landmarks of the “modern imperial city” of San Francisco. Views such as these are important historical documents considering most of San Francisco would later be rebuilt following the devastating earthquake and fire in

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